Legend Tripping

Blood’s Point Road and Cemetery

blood's point cemetery gate boone county illinois

Just a few miles outside Belvidere sits a lonely country road in the middle of vast farmland and twisted trees. Without GPS, you’d never find it, but this is Blood’s Point Road. At the eastern end of this road lies Blood’s Point Cemetery. Both locations are steeped in local legend that is hard to ignore.

Named for the first white settler in the area, Arthur Blood, Blood’s Point Road and Cemetery seem like your average rural locations. That is, until you get into the stories surrounding them. The most well-known story in this area is that of the friendship Arthur Blood’s children had with a local woman suspected of being a witch. When Blood found out about the friendship, he forbade his children to see the woman. The woman became so angry that she set fields ablaze. In retaliation, Blood hung the woman from the bridge at Sweeney and Blood’s Point roads. She was later buried in Blood’s Point Cemetery.
It is said that, at times, the spectral image of the local witch can be seen hanging from the bridge, swaying in the breeze. Travel a bit further down Blood’s Point Road toward the cemetery and they say the trees become guards, watching you, reaching out to prevent you from traveling further. If you happen to make it to the cemetery, hellhounds guard the gate and the witch’s cackles can be heard.
I recently traveled to Blood’s Point Road and Cemetery to see if the stories were true. Driving down the road toward the cemetery, I got no weird vibes. It was your ordinary, run-of-the-mill country road. As for the trees, I can debunk that. This road is host to wide areas of farmland with a smattering of houses on either side. There are very few trees along the roadside, and the ones that are there are regular, non-spooky trees. Maybe you have to go at a certain time of the year to get the effect. 
What I did find odd is that there are absolutely no street signs at any of the intersections along Blood’s Point Road to guide your way. Without GPS, the road (and the ones that intersect it) would be impossible to find if you are not a local. Whether these street signs were stolen by pranksters or if they were taken down by the county to discourage legend-trippers remains to be seen.
There is also a lesser-known legend about phantom cars appearing along Blood’s Point Road. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but my traveling companion (we all need at least one) claims he saw a black Jeep about twenty feet behind us not long after we turned onto Blood’s Point Road from Irene St. He saw this vehicle in both my rear view mirror and the driver’s side mirror. He even saw it out of the corner of his eye when he was turning around to look out the back window. However, when he was fully facing the back window, there was no car around. As for me, I had not seen any cars at all on our entire drive to the cemetery.
Although I didn’t feel or see anything “off” on the road itself, that feeling quickly changed when we arrived at Blood’s Point Cemetery. Again, there was not sign on the cemetery to indicate that it was indeed Blood’s Point. I felt nothing noteworthy until the car was inside the gates of the cemetery. Instantly, I felt like we shouldn’t be there. I was convinced we were being watched from the tree line at the edge of the cemetery. The atmosphere was so heavy I was actually gasping for breath at one point. After a few minutes inside the cemetery for pictures (because I had come all this way, I was getting my pictures), I started shaking so badly we had to leave. There was a pervading sense of doom that enveloped me. Once my car was outside the cemetery gates, most of the feelings instantly faded. The shaking lingered for a few more minutes as we drove north on Pearl St. toward the main thoroughfare. We were only in the cemetery for three minutes. 
While I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary at all on either the road or in the cemetery, the feelings I got inside the cemetery were intense. After looking at the pictures I snapped, there also seems to be some strange things present that were not visible to the naked eye (I’ll post the pictures below, you can be the judge). 
Overall, I got what I came for. As for the truth about the legends surrounding the area, I found no evidence of witches or hangings. However, based on the negative energy within the cemetery itself, I’m not going to rule anything out.
tombstones at blood's point cemetery boone county illinois
tombstones at blood's point cemetery boone county illinois
tombstones at blood's point cemetery boone county illinois
tombstones at blood's point cemetery boone county illinois

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