Legend Tripping

Cuba Road and White Cemetery

cuba road barrington illinois

When you think of haunted places in Illinois, you think of wooded areas, country roads, cemeteries, and 1920’s mobsters. Cuba Road and White Cemetery has all of these elements (except for the mobsters, I found no evidence of mob activity in this area over the years). Cuba Road has dense tree coverage making the road look like a tunnel, while White Cemetery is small and isolated, giving both of these locations an unusual creepy vibe.

They say that Cuba Road is home to phantom cars and a ghostly hitchhiker. They also say that White Cemetery hosts orbs of light and several full-body apparitions. The strangest story about White Cemetery I’ve heard is that the cemetery is completely unable to be photographed. Supposedly, if you attempt to take pictures of the cemetery, your camera will malfunction or the pictures simply won’t come out. I find this to be false (the pictures of White Cemetery are below.) In addition, there is a vanishing house that sits in the woods behind the cemetery.

But that’s where the spookiness stops. Contrary to popular legends, I personally found no evidence of anything haunted around these parts. Cuba Road and White Cemetery are beautiful locations, but Cuba Road is a well-traveled street lined with stately mansions and White Cemetery is well-kept and still permitting burials. The road does seem to be separated from the rest of the world due to its heavy tree coverage, but I got no sense of anything amiss. The same is true for White Cemetery. The cemetery itself is beautiful and peaceful; There was nothing odd about it at all.

(I can’t help but note that many of the stories surrounding these two locations are quite similar to those of Bachelor’s Grove. Just putting that out there.)

For as much as I’ve heard about this road and cemetery over the years, I’m disappointed.

white cemetery cuba road barrington illinois
white cemetery cuba road barrington il

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