Randonautica: Another Experience

 It’s hard to keep up with these posts when I can only play this game once a week. But play it again I did. 

Okay, so my first post on the subject was more of a game review and introducing some lingering questions I had about how the game works. The locations the app game me the first time I played it were spot on regarding the intention I had each time. I wanted to know how the game works. How could it have known what I was thinking? Well, this time around, I think I’ve found the answer to my question.

It doesn’t read your mind. If you say an intention out loud, it can’t hear you. These locations are totally random and if a location the app gives you does line up with what you were thinking, well all the better. Let’s dive into what happened this time.

I was looking for money. Who isn’t, am I right? So, my intention was money. I thought the game would take me to a bank or something, based on my past experiences with this app and accuracy, but what does it do? This damn app took me to an empty baseball field out in the middle of nowhere. I saw no money. I even got out of the car and walked around (I wasn’t going to do that much hiking because I was wearing flip flops.) Aside from digging for gold, there was no money to be found, but the baseball field was cool to see. The old score board was rotted and dilapidated. The dugouts were filled with debris. There were no bleachers. 

It was a little strange, a baseball field out in the middle of a cornfield, literally. There was a road to it, but you know what I mean. Kind of like that movie about a sports field of some kind out in the middle of nowhere (I think it was Field of Dreams, but I’m not sure.) But this field looked abandoned. It’s weird saying that, like how can empty land look abandoned, but I assure you it can. 

Well, this location was a bust, so I move on to another intention. This time, my intention was happiness (I’m trying to give this game easy things now, confirmation bias a play here for sure.) Where did it take me this time, you ask? A courthouse. Not even my local courthouse, but one that was in the next county over. I saw no happiness. Like, at all. I suppose some people can find happiness here, I thought. People who work there. People who built it. I was trying for that confirmation bias hard. 

This courthouse looked like it hadn’t been in use in years. I’m familiar with the county and it’s courthouse to the west of me, but this was to the east. I’ve never been out here before. I saw people walking in and out of the building, but the building itself didn’t looked like it shouldn’t have anyone entering it. It didn’t look abandoned, per se, but like it needed some serious upgrades. Unusual for any courthouse I’ve ever seen in my state. 

An abandoned baseball field and a broke-down courthouse, both of which had nothing to do with what my intentions were. 

That was my second experience with Randonautica, and yes, it was lame. I guess the game is not all I had hoped it was. It’s still fun, though. This time, I got to see places I didn’t even know existed that are right in my backyard. I’ll still play and, actually, I want to play more often. I’m going it make it a point. Maybe the next time I’ll try it at night, just for something different. And yes, I’ll take someone with me.


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