Fiend Fest 2020

Fiend Fest 2020: The Disappearance and Murder of Dorothy Jane Scott

“I’ve got her.” 

Imagine you receive this phone call a week after your child has disappeared. The caller does not identify himself, and hangs up after he says these words. 

This is the first of several anonymous phone calls Dorothy Jane Scott’s parents received beginning a week after she went missing.

Dorothy Jane Scott attended an employee meeting at work in the spring of 1980. At around 9 pm, Dorothy noticed a co-worker had a pretty nasty spider bite and offered to take him to the hospital. Another co-worker offered to join them. 

After the spider bite had been treated, Dorothy went into the hospital’s parking lot to get the car. Her co-workers waiting at the exit for her to pull up. When they saw Dorothy’s car barreling toward them, they waved their arms to get her attention. The vehicle sped past them and made a sharp right turn out of the parking lot. They reported Dorothy missing the next day.

A week later, Dorothy’s parents receive strange phone calls. The first call is the one transcribed above. All of the mysterious calls after continued to claim that either he was holding Dorothy captive or he had killed her. The Orange County Register also got an odd phone call from an unidentified man. This man claimed, “I killed her. I killed Dorothy Scott.” The police believe that this caller was indeed Dorothy’s abductor. 

Dorothy herself had also received strange phone calls before her disappearance. These calls began with a man telling her how much he loved her and that he would eventually kill her. Dorothy’s mother recounted a time when the caller instructed Dorothy to go outside because he had a surprise for her. Dorothy did go outside, only to find a single dead rose on the windshield of her car.

Dorothy’s remains were found in 1984 30 feet from Santa Ana Canyon Road in California. Investigators believed that her body had been at the spot for two years.

What happened the night Dorothy disappeared? Where was she taken, and who was she with? Did she survive until 1982 with her captor or was she murdered that spring in 1980? No one may ever know.


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