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The Mortuary Collection (2020)

The Shudder Original The Mortuary Collection is a delightfully dark and funny movie much in the vein of the classic Tales from the Hood.

In need of a job, Sam visits the local mortuary to answer an ad for an assistant. Now, this mortuary is abnormally dark and creepy, the mortician in charge is called “creepo” by the local children. When Sam is being interviewed for the job, she asks what all the books in his office contain. Monty the Mortician explains that they are stories of how people died. This is how the movie segues into the anthology format.

Each of the five stories in this collection are definitely dark, but I don’t think I would call them scary or terrifying. I like a certain amount of suspense with my horror, and the stories explored here just don’t give me enough of that critical element.

I think the stories aren’t suspenseful for me because they are so far-fetched. I’m not going to get into spoiler territory, but these stories are presented with a heavy dose of fantasy. I did enjoy the movie, just not in the way I expected to.



The stories are entertaining. I laughed out loud during the second story, so if you’re into that kind of thing, this movie is definitely for you. For me, though, I can’t suspend my disbelief that much. I prefer something more realistic. Because of this, I preferred watching the interactions between Sam and Monty. I think there could be a great story there.