Fiend Fest 2020

Fiend Fest 2020: The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDui

Cryptids are usually not my thing, but when I heard the story of the Big Grey Man of Ben MacDui I had to include it in Fiend Fest 2020.

In 1891, Professor Norman Collie was scaling the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland, the highest peak of which is Ben MacDui, when he got the feeling he was being watched. As Collie descended the mountain through a heavy mist, he recalled hearing long, heavy footsteps walking behind him. Each time he looked over his shoulder he couldn’t see anything, but he knew something was there. Norman Collie was being stalked as he descended the mountain.

As it turns out, Professor Norman Collie wasn’t the only mountain climber to have come into contact with the Big Grey Man. Doctor A.M. Kellas also had a strange experience with the creature. Kellas and his brother, Henry, saw a large monster come at them from the opposite side of the mountain. It disappeared inside a dip, and the men did not wait for it to reappear.

It is also said that whenever the creature is around, visitors to Ben MacDui will feel as though they’ve been put under a hypnotic trance. They will snap out of it dangerously close to a ledge, then hear eerie laughter. Some, it is believed, have even been chased to their deaths off the edges of cliffs in their desperation to escape, disembodied laughter following them every step of the way.

There are other accounts of the Big Grey Man of Ben MacDui, and each account has three things in common: The creature is large, it resides on top of the mountain, and it stalks trespassers. If you ever find yourself on top of Ben MacDui, take care. There may be someone watching you.